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Values & Experience

We always provide quality service, but we pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business has professional resources and experienced service staff to benefit all clients.

When you work with us, you can take advantage of features you won’t find anywhere else. We’re not satisfied with our work until our clients are, and we offer the following to help ensure that happens every time.

We go above and beyond to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. Please read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.

Clearinghouse Management
Clearinghouse Rejections
Call Center Services
Medical Research Data

Medical Consultations
Medical Records Request
Insurance Overpayment Refund
Patient Overpayment Refund
Workers' Compensation Billing
Payer Website Access
Merchant Disputes 
CAQH Updates
Provider & Group Credentialing
Provider & Group Re-Credentialing
Create Standard Operating Procedures
Create Medical Back Office Training Manuals
Create Medical Front Office Training Manuals
Create Medical Billing Training Manuals
Create a Quick Study Snapshots
Create Office Procedures
Create Medical Office Forms
Create Medical Workflows

Create Merchant Dispute Rebuttal Letters
Create Credit Card Authorization Forms
Create Consent to Treat Forms
Create Save Credit Card Forms 
Create Patient Registration Forms
Create Company Policies & Procedures

Create Referral Forms

Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Charge Entry
Insurance Verification
Claim Review
Electronic Claim Submissions
Patient Payment Posting
Insurance Payment Posting 

Accounts Receivable
Claim Denials

Claims Appeals
Claims Reconsiderations
Follow-up Outstanding Claims
Patient Collections
Patient Inquiries
Patient Statements
Patient Follow-up
System Management
Enrollment Services
Electronic Health Records System Set-Up (EHR)
Electronic Health Records Systems Automation (EHR)
Electronic Health Records Systems Training (EHR)
Patient Management System Set-Up (PM)

Patient Management Systems automation (PM)
Patient Management Systems Training (PM)
Internal Audit Servies
Professional Front Office Training

Professional  Back Office Training
Occupational Medicine Billing

Medical Services Offered

What They’re Saying

HealthCare Right is great; I hope to work with the company again.

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